GyroStop Catering - Gourmet Mediterranean Fusion food truck in the Sacramento Metro and Bay areas.

We provide catering for all types of events from large gatherings to small get togethers.  No matter what kind of event you are having, we can help!  We will bring the food truck to you and prepare the food onsite and serve your friends and family out of the truck.  No mess or clean up for you.  

We also provide lunch delivery for business meetings and lunch meetings.  We can provide box lunches to go for picnics and outings to take with you.  We can do box lunches for small groups or large groups for either pick up or delivery.

Our menu can be tailored to fit your group's special needs or preferences.  If you have onsite kitchen facilities, we can also come to your venue and cook there.  We have done many different types of catering events including Hawaiian luau's and roasted a whole pig, fine dining, sit down dining events, banquets, and buffets.  

Please contact us for further information regarding price and menu.  Generally, the regular food truck menu starts at $15 per person, depending on the size of the gathering and the menu items requested.