Nancy W., Richmond, CA - 

9/10/2015 - I found Gyro Stop food truck at Off the Grid in El Cerrito. They are there every other week. 
 First time I had lamb gyro with a side of dolmas and was delighted with the food. The portions were good. The ingredients were fresh. The flavors were wonderful!  I eat a low sodium diet and found it a little salty, I don't like salt on my fries so you understand why anything salted would taste salty to me. 
  The second time I got a lamb and beef gyro with fries. Unfortunately, there was oil all over the gyro to the point I couldn't eat the pita. The oil had also soaked through the container and coated the inside of my insulated bag. I let them know about my disappointment and was told to come back and they would make it right. 
  The third time I got a lamb gyro , 1/2 order of fries and falafels with a side of humus. Everything was great!  Chef Ty was true to his word and this meal was on the house. 
   I like the food, but the thing that will keep me returning to Gyro Stop kebab G truck is the great customer service. It is fast, friendly and efficient!

Darlene R., Sacramento, CA - 

7/7/15 Wow! First Truck I stopped at Carmichael Park Food Truck event!
Not only generous in the GIaNt proportion but so tasty to boot!
And the two gentleman attending the food truck were so inviting and gracious!
YUMMIEST truck of the night!

Wade L., Sacramento, CA

12/2/2015 - Food is amazing!! The cheesesteak gyro is one of the best things I've had off a food truck!!

Channy P., Sacramento, CA - 

4/28/2015 - They have great customer service. It was the first gyro I've ever eaten and nothing has amounted since.
I had their competitor's gyro this weekend at the food truck festival and was completely disappointed. I told them how sad I was.
The lady who takes the orders is always friendly, sociable, courteous and outgoing. The man who makes food whom I believe is the owner is always awesome!! I come back for the food and the customer service, you guys are awesome.  Thank You

Cynthia C., Sacramento, CA - 

5/19/2015 - Tried them out at the capitol for lunch and ordered the gyro cheese steak.  The service was fast and friendly.  It was flavorful and the portion is generous.  The sauce had an excellent flavor and there was a lot of meat.  Will try them out again and bring coworkers next time.

Kate F., San Francisco, CA - 

9/22/2015 - This truck showed up at the Concord Off the Grid, I think they come every other week.  Anyway we ordered the lamb gyro and the falafel side.  The falafel was PERFECT!  I don't like really dense heavy falafel and this was perfect, fried to perfection it came with 4 or 5 and that was actually enough for a meal.  That was just the side portion too, they also have a sandwich.  Another reason I liked it so much was because they put some tahini and taziki sauce with a bit of hot sauce, there was ALOT of sauce.  I didn't use most of it, but honestly it added a lot to the flavors.  The gyro was really good as well, I love this kind of lamb- its perfect!  After just attending the concord greek festival and that lackluster gyro I was so excited to eat one with flavorful lamb, lots of sauce and seasoning, and of course onions and tomatoes!  I think it was pretty reasonably prices, maybe 10$ and it was huge.  My husband and I split those two items and we were full!  If you see this truck give it a try!